Mold Removal Tips – Effects Of Ignoring Mold

mold on the ceiling

At All Dry, we understand that finding mold in your home or business can be daunting and tempting to ignore. Unfortunately, we also know that ignoring the growth of mold can have long-term lasting effects on your property and your own personal health. At All Dry in Tequesta, FL, and its surrounding areas, we work around the clock to make sure you don’t have to suffer from the effects of lingering and growing molds.


Mold is not always obvious to the naked eye, so you should pay attention if you, or other people on the property, are exhibiting any of the symptoms associated with exposure to mold. Some of these symptoms include a sore throat, excessive coughing, eye, and skin irritation, wheezing, and more. It is possible to have more severe reactions to mold exposure, especially if someone has allergies that are exasperated by the mold. Additionally, if you have a known lung illness or any kind of compromised immune system, you should be especially careful about exposure to molds, as developing an infection can lead to a more serious illness. While otherwise healthy individuals may experience the coughing and wheezing, those with compromised immune systems and conditions like asthma may see their symptoms exacerbated.


mold in a petri dish

At All Dry, we are experts in the removal of black mold. While all molds have the potential to cause health issues, black mold is especially known for being toxic, meaning it produces mycotoxins that can negatively affect your health directly. The toxigenic black mold produces mold spores that travel through the air and form colonies and continue to grow. The formation of enough of this mold can cause even the healthiest people to develop negative symptoms, and may even develop mold poisoning, also known as mycotoxicosis. This poisoning can attack your upper respiratory system, causing you to feel flu-like symptoms. Extreme illness and additional symptoms can be fatal when exposed to black mold, especially if you have pre-existing conditions like asthma.

Black mold is also often confused with green-black mold. Also harmful, you can typically find this mold on paper, fiberboard, and dust. Like most molds, it can spread quickly after exposure to excessive moisture from a water leak, flood, or condensation. If you are unsure of what kind of mold you are dealing with, you may want to consult the experts at All Dry in Tequesta, FL. We can identify the type of mold and take the necessary steps to remove it quickly and completely from your home or business.


All dry is available 24/7 to help with any mold-related concerns. We know that everyone doesn’t have the time and know-how to completely remove mold that has begun to spread in a home or business, so we have built a team of experts that can quickly and professionally execute and guide you through the process. We are based in Tequesta, FL, and service many of the surrounding areas. If you are struggling with mold growth on your property, call us to schedule service or contact us online for an estimate. We offer both same-day and 24/7 emergency mold damage services.