DMCA Copyrights


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We want you to know that everything you find on FreeCourseHub.Com is meant for personal use only. Just so you’re aware, we don’t actually store any files on our server. Instead, we’ve indexed things a bit like how Google does its thing. So, if you’re wondering, neither the folks providing the Internet nor the ones running the show here can be blamed for what’s on any other linked sites or the links within them. And that includes any changes or updates to those sites.

Now, let’s talk about something important: content removal

If there’s a legit concern about copyright infringement, we take it seriously and follow the rules. totally on board with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) and those International Copyright Laws. But here’s the catch – we’ll only jump into action if the following boxes are checked:

  1. You shoot us an email telling us which specific page on FreeCourseHub.Com you think has violated copyright stuff.
  2. Give us a way to get back to you – name and email address are a must.
  3. Show us the proof that you’re the real owner of that copyright material.

All you copyright holders out there, if you spot your content here and you’ve got the copyright badge, please drop us a line at “”.

And hey, if you’re thinking about sending us a DMCA takedown request, remember that these things usually take about 2-4 business days to handle.

Big thanks for wrapping your head around this. Your understanding means a lot!

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