How To Build a Money Printing Machine on Etsy 2024

Discover the earning potential of Etsy for creative entrepreneurs. Benefit from its large marketplace and supportive community. Learn how to turn your passions into profits with our guide. Start building your successful Etsy business today. Maximize your income while expressing your creativity. Build a Money Printing Machine on Etsy

What is Etsy?

Etsy is an online marketplace known for its unique and handmade products. It provides a platform for artisans, crafters, and vintage enthusiasts to sell their goods to a global audience.

Why Etsy for Selling?

Etsy offers several advantages for sellers, including low fees, access to a large customer base, and built-in tools for managing orders and inventory.

Step-by-step tutorial on how to start and grow your print-on-demand Etsy business.

Which designs to replicate?

The short answer is best sellers. Every design that you will find by searching for your main keyword is a best seller. Etsy wants you to buy so it will recommend what is selling well.I know that feeling when you are looking at a product and thinking to yourself: “who the hell would buy that?!” But that’s what the market wants and that’s what you should sell as well.

Where to find more design ideas?

Once you find an Etsy store that has a lot of sales and products/designs that are easy/fast to replicate – replicate their entire store!Search for non-Etsy competitors, check out their best-sellers, search on Pinterest, see what comes up, search Instagram. Look around the web and get creative! The idea is to have as many designs as possible!

How to figure out your “main keyword”?

Sign up to Google ads and you will get access to Google Keyword Planner. This is an essential tool when doing any kind of online business. It gives you the monthly search volume of any keyword, suggest similar keywords, gives you the cost per click etc.Once you start to get sales, Etsy will let you know which keywords people are searching to buy your products. The smart thing to do then is to add those keywords in your titles. Because you don’t have data yet, you can use keywords from listings of your competitors because they already have the data on what’s working


Here are the results for “t shirt”. This one is easy to replicate.

how to start etsy shop

How to replicate a design? (canva)

1. Create a blank canvas 1000x1000pixels


2. Add each word and center the red letters


3. Select the letter that needs to be colored and then choose a color

Select letter that needs to be colored and choose color

4. Then Download the file as PNG

Download the file as PNG

5. Go to and upload your design

remove background and upload your design

6. Download the design with transparent background


Now you have the design it’s time to create the product in your print on demand supplier and push it to your Etsy store. You can use any print on demand supplier that has an integration with Etsy.
For this example I will Printful.

How to add a product to your Etsy store from Printful?

1. In Printful click “Stores”, then “Choose platform”

In Printful click Stores, then Choose platform

2. Click connect underneath Etsy

connect underneath Etsy

3. Connect your Etsy store

Connect your Etsy store

4. Once your store is connected click “Add product”

Add Product In Etsy

5. Choose the product you want to sell and upload your design

Choose the product for sell

6. Choose the colors and sizes you want to sell

Choose the colors and sizes

7. Choose which product images you want to use

Choose product images

8. Add the title, description and size guide

Add title description

9. Choose your profit and set the price

Choose profit and set price

10. Your listing is now under the drafts in Etsy. You need to edit it.

listing is now under the drafts

11. Choose “another company” made the product

Choose another company made the product

12. Each listing costs $0.20

Each listing costs 0.20

Making $10 per day? Great!


Once you start to make some money reinvest back into the business. The best thing you can do is to make the money work for you. Hire a virtual assistant and get him to publish listings on your behalf. $10 per day at $2 per listing will get you additional 5 listings every day.


Think of each listing as your worker who is working day in and day out. Every listing can potentially make you a lot of money so the more listings you have the more money you will make. The money that you will invest into the hiring an assistant will snowball your business.

How to grow and automate your business?


  • Create a detailed SOP of how you add listings. The more detailed you are – the better!


  • Go to and search for a “virtual assistant”. Contact & negotiate.


  • Hire & train your virtual assistant to add listings to your Etsy store.

Rinse & Repeat!

Now that you have your first listing on Etsy, it’s time to grind! Remember this is a numbers game so the more listings you have the more money you will be makingIt will be slow at first because Etsy doesn’t trust you and you won’t have many listings. But the more work you put in the better it’s going to get. People will start to favour your listings and buy. Eventually it will start to snowball.

Thank you!

Build a Money Printing Machine on Etsy


Building a money printing machine on Etsy requires dedication, creativity, and strategic planning. By identifying profitable niche markets, creating high-quality products, mastering Etsy SEO, and providing excellent customer service, you can create a thriving business that generates sustainable income over time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I start an Etsy shop with no prior experience?

Absolutely! Many successful Etsy sellers started with little to no experience. What’s important is your passion for your craft and a willingness to learn and adapt.

Which designs should I replicate for my Etsy store?

Focus on replicating best sellers within your niche. Explore products that consistently perform well on Etsy’s platform as they are more likely to attract buyers and gain visibility.

Where can I find inspiration for new design ideas?

Look into successful Etsy sellers within your niche for inspiration. Additionally, explore non-Etsy competitors, social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, and trending designs around the web to fuel your creativity and diversify your product offerings.

How do I determine my main keyword for optimal visibility?

Utilize tools like Google Keyword Planner to identify high-volume keywords relevant to your products. As you gain sales data on Etsy, incorporate keywords that buyers are using to find your products. Analyzing competitors’ listings can also provide valuable insights into effective keywords.

What is the process for replicating a design using Canva?

Start by creating a 1000×1000 pixel canvas, then center the key elements of your design. Customize the text and colors as needed. Once satisfied, download the design as a PNG file and remove the background using tools like for a clean, transparent design ready for printing.

How can I efficiently add products to my Etsy store using Printful?

Connect your Etsy store to Printful and upload your designs to create products. Customize product details such as colors, sizes, and pricing. Ensure thorough listing optimization including titles, descriptions, and images. Pay attention to fees and draft listings for review before publishing.

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